COVID 19 Update

Current COVID 19 Guidance

(Updated 11th January 2021)

Regathered for Worship and Activities

We have regathered for worship, and some other activities.

We must keep in mind the reality of the health situation in which we live, and there is list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ below that allow this to happen.

It is very important that we do the right things, so that we protect each other, be seen to act with integrity and avoid the hefty fines that are possible for those who breach the health orders.

We are all asked to do all that we can to follow what is outlined below.

If you wish to attend worship in person, the following is what we all must know and comply with:

  1. You must register before the event (details of how to do this are on the worship page)
  2. You must only attend if you are free of symptoms related to COVID 19
  3. On arrival you must sign in, or be signed in by the COVID Marshal/Welcomer
  4. You must practice good hygiene and use the hand sanitiser provided
  5. You must sit 1.5 metres apart, unless you are with someone from the same household
  6. Masks are optional, but are highly recommended by the state health authorities to further reduce risk of infection
  7. There will be no congregational singing (musicians, soloists, small groups and videos will be used)
  8. There will be no passing of an offering plate (a plate will be placed on a table near the door and a digital giving kiosk will be available)
  9. There will be no hand shaking, hugging, kissing or other types of physical contact
  10. There will be no morning tea (although you could attend a local café with a small group)
  11. There will be no informal gatherings to chat either inside or outside the church building
  12. Holy Communion and Baptisms will be able to take place with appropriate physical distance
  13. We are obliged to remind you that people over 70 or people with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems are considered to be high risk and may wish to consider remaining ‘online’

 This continues to be a changing scenario, and the church will continue to respond as necessary.

Please make contact with us if you would like to discuss this and its implications.