Soul Connections

27 Jun 2020 by Andrew Cunningham in: Orange Uniting Church News

Soul Connections (Flyer attached)

We invite you to our new group, Soul Connections, on Fridays from 5.30pm-6.30pm, beginning on the 7th of August.

Please register your interest with the Church Office so that we can accurately plan for social distancing.

Pastor Kate Thornley writes, ‘The spiritual journey is not always an easy one in that we need connections to help us in our journey, so that we can discern our life callings. For us as Christians this seeking leads to us seeking relationship with not only ourselves but also with the Divine.

Soul Connections is going to hold us in a safe space that facilitates spiritual practices that allow us to slow down, pause, reflect and gain a sense of God in our lives. And in the slowing down and Being Still, we will be able to notice what is truly important in our lives.

By pausing with contemplative prayer, meditation and other spiritual exercises we are then able to develop and nourish a greater              relationship with our God and in that gain a greater relationship with our true selves or our souls.

By intentionally pausing in our week and Being Still, we will allow our true selves to emerge into this journey we call life and thus be able to live more fully, in this mystery of life.’